Job vacancy – FASD Prevention Project & Social Media Coordinator


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Job Vacancy

FASD Prevention Project &
Social Media Coordinator

Salary: £24,000 (£30,000 pro-rated for 4 days, contract through 28 Feb 2023)

Reporting to: 

National FASD Chief Executive

Click here for a PDF of this job description.

Click here to see this ad on Charity Jobs and to apply via that site.


The National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is now starting the 2nd year of a three-year campaign designed to raise awareness of the risks of alcohol in pregnancy among those aged 15 – 25. This age group is often overlooked in messaging and yet raising their awareness could have the most profound impact on decreasing future cases of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a preventable neurodevelopmental disability that affects more people than autism but is little understood.

National FASD is dedicated to supporting people affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, their families and communities. It promotes education for professionals and public awareness about the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.  National FASD is a source for information on FASD to the general public, press and to medical, social care and educational professionals. 


A recent poll National FASD conducted with OnePoll showed that young people are engaging in risky behaviours with alcohol, sex and contraception. Half of them are embarrassed to talk about these issues. They are most comfortable talking to friends, but they don’t have access to solid information about these topics. While 32% said they were taught in school about how to get pregnant and the act of having sex, 85% did not learn about the risks of alcohol in pregnancy and 84% did not learn about binge drinking. Only 45% feel they know how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy when they are ready to have a family. We seek to change this – that is the number one goal of this project. This year is a breakthrough moment for progress, with a new NICE Quality Standard on FASD later this year. We believe the time is now for a positive, supportive public campaign targeted at young people, empowering them to spread the word about the importance of alcohol-free pregnancy and promoting healthy pregnancies without shaming or blaming anyone. This will be a innovative as most public campaigns that exist focus primarily on pregnant women and ignore Generation Z.

Role purpose:

To drive forward our Prevent FASD Project with passion, tenacity, imagination and good judgement, to help achieve dramatic change in awareness of the risks of alcohol in pregnancy among young adults.

To help produce content for a public prevention campaign aimed at young adults, focusing on social media. The post holder will also support larger outreach projects.


To provide minimal office administrative support.

Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

·       Work with the Chief Executive and a PR team to plan and produce compelling content about the risks of alcohol in pregnancy for 15-25 year-olds

·       Coordinate an annual “stigma stomping” conference (title t.b.d.) designed to inspire and empower people to shake their local systems into providing more awareness and support

·       Be accountable for the organisation’s FASD prevention strategy and for the consistent delivery of high-profile, high-impact media and social media activity, by working with the chief executive and consultants to build our role as a powerful communicator

·       Use a range of innovative formats like infographics, stories, blogs etc. to bring complex stories to the attention of online readers in a more succinct form

·       Monitor social media and working with the chief executive post updates

·       Liaise with a range of advisors including: experts, policy makers, people with lived experience, adults with FASD and other young adults

·       Help devise a prevention campaign featuring female MPs

·       Work with polling company on annual national polls of young adults

·       Help prepare and distribute a media pack, a schools’ pack and pubs pack focused on FASD prevention – working with our project partners including Much Laughter: Stand Up for FASD.

·       Help launch an FASD Advocacy Academy – working with other like-minded independent groups (including any interested sister organisations in the FASD UK Alliance) and experts – featuring monthly zoom webinars emphasising media and skills training and organising tips for local and regional support groups

·       Monitor project budget and work with bookkeeper and Chief Executive to ensure financial oversight

·       Perform such other responsibilities as may be required from time to time in order to ensure the smooth running of the organisation as a whole (approximately 1/2 day per week)



We are willing to consider flexible arrangements, for example a split between working in the office and at home – with regular meet ups scheduled. We place a priority on engaging people with lived experience with FASD and are open to creative suggestions to make that possible to the extent we can. Due to COVID we have recently relocated the office to Hertfordshire.




This post may expand into a full-time post and/or might be renewable after the end of the contract, if funding allows.


Person specification


The ideal candidate will be dynamic and creative, energised by the idea of contributing to the first national FASD public prevention campaign in the UK aimed at young adults. Candidates should be at ease with computers and social media, and be ready to work with a team of consultants, colleagues and like-minded organisations to shake things up, think outside the box and raise the profile of FASD among a key target audience.




       Preferably at least 3 years’ experience working in a related field, either in paid work or through volunteering

       DBS check



       Experience with FASD (or another neurodevelopmental condition) either through professional experience or lived experience is preferred

       Familiarity with the charitable/third sector


Skills, abilities, competencies:


       Ability to work independently and juggle several projects

       Must have experience using a range of computer programmes such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPress, SurveyMonkey, Zoom and/or an ability to easily learn new computer software




       Experience coordinating events and logistics

       Experience with website development, social media outreach and/or graphic design

       Experience working with social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok)

       Experience developing a public campaign and working with media

       Some experience with administrative tasks


Personal attributes:


       Creative and dynamic approach to developing new projects

       Willingness to work in an informal, relaxed atmosphere but ability to engage professionally at a high level when needed

       Willingness to take professional development courses

       Willingness to travel across the UK

       Absolute commitment to a no-shame/no blame ethos when discussing issues related to alcohol in pregnancy


To apply:


Please send a cover letter explaining why you want to work on the Prevent FASD campaign, your c.v. and an example if you have one of a related piece of work or experience that you think shows what skills and energy you can bring to National FASD.


Please apply via the Charity Jobs site here.


Please familiarise yourself with our three websites before applying to see the kind of work we do:





Deadline for applications:


28 April 2021; interviews for those short-listed – week of 3 May.


Start date:


We hope the person can be in post by 17 May.


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