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Recognising FASD – Pamphlet

A new NICE Quality Standard on FASD is coming in England in July 2020. The NICE Quality Standard will be based on the Scottish SIGN 156 Guideline. This pamphlet summarises the diagnostic process in the SIGN guidance.


A Crisis of Commissioning: CCGs Are Failing Government Policy on FASD

Based on Freedom of Information requests to all Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS Trusts and Health Boards, this report highlights the mismatch between government policy and actual practice. The vast majority of CCGs are not commissioning services for FASD prevention, diagnosis or post-diagnostic care for those with FASD.


The NOFAS-UK GP Survey was conducted by OnePoll between August 22nd and September 1st, 2017.  It polled 150 GPs that work in England.  Principal outcomes were as follows:

  • Only 31% has in-depth education regarding FASD
  • 41% have not received clear guidance regarding a pathway for diagnosis and support of FASD
  • Only 23% strongly agreed that they feel confident that all those with FASD are being diagnosed properly

Participants were recruited online and were paid.

Information for GPs

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrella term for a range of effects that can occur to an individual who was exposed to alcohol in utero.

This Toolkit has been designed primarily for General Practitioners but it also contains advice for pregnant women and families and carers of children and adults affected by FASD.

Results of the NOFAS-UK 2017 GP Survey:

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Diagnosis for adults

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