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There is power in our lived experiences.

National FASD, along with the sister organisations in the FASD UK Alliance, helps to raise the voices of those with FASD and their families. We believe it can be empowering to take some control of a difficult situation by ensuring that the next generations will find life easier.  We believe this is a key element of wellbeing.

Whether it’s through social media, attendance at policy events, writing to MPs, speaking to the media, setting up a local support group, there are many ways to have impact. There  are tips on how  to do this elsewhere on  this website. But you should  know that every conversation  you have with a skeptical friend, family member or professional, if you are armed with the facts, is a part of the change that is coming. Own your part in that change  and stand tall.

In 2019 FASD UK Alliance groups, including National  FASD, joined together to create a publication, “Hear Our Voices: FASD Stakeholders Share Their Experiences with Policy Makers.” This was a key part of the change  that  is happening  now. For more information see the policy section of this website.

Hear Our Voices

Drawing on experiences of more than 50 individuals and families affected by FASD, this publication jointly produced by the FASD UK Alliance was instrumental in helping policy makers understand the needs of FASD stakeholders.

Too often people with FASD & their families face resistance in getting diagnosis & support 

It shouldn’t be so hard

Like an icebreaker, each conversation creates an easier path for others who follow

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