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Alcohol and Pregnancy Toolkit

A practical, hands-on toolkit to reduce alcohol harm in pregnancy

National FASD has compiled the first comprehensive toolkit for Midwives and their wider Maternity Teams based on best practice to help them discuss with pregnant women the risks of harm from prenatal alcohol exposure.

Bulk orders are available for local areas (ICBs, Healthboards, local authorities etc), please contact for more information or to discuss your needs. National FASD is grateful to the National FASD Experts Committee and our specialist committee of midwives, including Laney Holland, Lianne Amos, Louise Burns, Tisian Lynskey-Wilkie, Jennifer Michaels, Joanne Poskitt, Debbie Reid and Jessica Rayson who reviewed these materials.


This CPD-accredited E-course is free to access for Maternity Teams and contains the most up to date guidance for practitioners. It includes case studies and interactive techniques to maintain engagement and aims to build confidence and knowledge around alcohol in pregnancy.

The Course contains the following

  • Alcohol and pregnancy
  • Why women drink when pregnant
  • What is FASD?
  • Effective conversations with pregnant women
  • Understanding and recording alcohol consumption
  • Supporting pregnant women with alcohol dependency
  • Supporting pregnant women with FASD.


These reversible posters have space for local contacts and are suitable for various settings and are aimed at different audiences including:

  • People planning a pregnancy
  • Women who are abstaining from alcohol in pregnancy
  • Women who are drinking alcohol in pregnancy
  • Younger pregnant women
  • People who want more information about the risks of prenatal alcohol exposure.

Fast fact Z cards for practitioners

The Z cards are designed to give practitioners facts quickly and could be used to refresh prior to an appointment.
They explain:

  • The latest guidance on alcohol in pregnancy
  • Why to ask about prenatal alcohol exposure
  • Alcohol is a teratogen and the problems this can cause
  • Advice for when women are drinking in pregnancy.

What you need to know leaflets

This leaflet is designed to meet Statement 1 of NICE Quality Standard 204. It is for use with pregnant women or for the general public. It explains:

  • The latest guidance on alcohol in pregnancy
  • How alcohol can cause problems in pregnancy
  • The effect prenatal alcohol exposure can have on the baby
  • What to do if you’re pregnant and have been drinking alcohol
  • How to recognise FASD.

Tabletop guide

This tabletop guide is designed to aid practitioners navigate conversations around alcohol and pregnancy.
It contains:

  • Conversation prompts
  • The latest guidance
  • A drinks chart
  • Answers to common questions that midwives may be asked by pregnant women.

Bunting and balloons

The bunting and balloons are for use in awareness raising and are suitable in settings for both pregnant women as well as for the general public. The bunting includes the alcohol and pregnancy logo and the #WhyRiskIt hashtag. The balloons display the alcohol and pregnancy logo.

Pull up banners

These banners are suitable for use in a wide range of settings for pregnant women as well as the general public.

They include:

  • The Chief Medical Officers’ guidance
  • What FASD is
  • Other risks from prenatal alcohol exposure
  • Where to get more information/support

Further reading

With special thanks to Diageo GB for making our Maternity Teams project possible.

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