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Children with FASD playing with sensory spaghetti

About Us

The National Organisation for FASD is dedicated to supporting people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), their families and communities. It promotes education for professionals and public awareness about the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. 
National FASD, founded in 2003 and formerly known as NOFAS-UK, is a source for information on FASD to the general public, press and to medical and educational professionals. 
Our current programmes are focused on promoting wellbeing for those with FASD and their families, providing materials for GPs, midwives, social workers, educators and creating cutting edge resources and experiences for people with FASD.
We place a high priority on engaging those with lived experience at the core our projects and programmes and are looking at ways to increase this further as we continue to develop organisationally.
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