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Caregiver Wellbeing

Your needs matter

Caregiver wellbeing is the starting point for any family’s journey, yet too often it ends up being overlooked. That’s understandable. Days can be intense, busy, confusing and overwhelming.

This isn’t because you are not ‘enough’.  There are serious systemic reasons that make things so stressful. 

The airplane announcement about putting your own oxygen mask on first before you can assist those traveling with you applies here too. It’s not selfish, it’s essential.

Even if it’s waking up  15 minutes  earlier to do some stretches, check out a mindfulness app, bake, draw a picture, write some poetry or listen to your own music, scheduling in a little ‘you’ time  not only helps  but  it shows you modelling positive behaviours for your loved one.

You are not alone. Things can improve.

Parent and Caregiver Feedback From the FASD UK Alliance

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