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Getting support

Finding support

Caring for a loved one with FASD can be challenging. It’s important that you find support. Reach out! There is a wide range of support available.

  • Local FASD support groups. The FASD UK Alliance is an independent coalition of groups across the UK set up by parents, carers and guardians.
  • Local SEND support groups. In England, googling your area and ‘local offer’ should lead you to local support  and respite options for those with Special Educational  Needs and Disabilities.
  • Adoption or fostering support networks
  • Birth parents support networks
  • Addiction and domestic/sexual violence counselling is available for caregivers who might need help for themselves or loved ones
  • FASD UK Facebook group – this has more than 2800 individuals with FASD and families on it. It is jointly administered by individuals with lived experience and leaders from FASD UK Alliance organisations, including National FASD.

Online support is available

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