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We have lots to say about FASD. This is our space to raise some issues in greater detail, from different perspectives.

Training Newsletter October 2023

As we embark on our journey to raise awareness and provide essential training on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), we’re excited to share our progress

Image has National FASD logo in upper left corner, with the words Thank you Susan Fleisher, 1946-2023

Thank you Susan Fleisher

National FASD honours and celebrates the legacy of our founder, Susan Fleisher, as her family and friends gather for her 30 October 2023 funeral. “We

International FASD Awareness Day 2023

Today’s the day! It’s International FASD Awareness Day! This is our time to join hands with the international FASD community in raising FASD awareness, as

FASD Awareness Month Blog Post Banner Image - National FASD

Happy FASD Awareness Month!

  Today is an exciting day! The 1st September marks the beginning of FASD Awareness Month here in the UK. This is a whole month

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