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Take action!!

FASD Awareness Month

Today’s actions:
  • Thank someone who has helped you, your family, or has helped in some way progress FASD awareness & services here in the UK.

Today’s Hashtags: 

#FASDMonthUK #FASDThanks

September is FASD Awareness Month



In a world where the risks of alcohol in pregnancy are not widely enough known and where people with FASD and their families have to fight so hard for recognition, diagnosis and support those people who do something, who stand up and speak out deserve our thanks and deep appreciation.  

Let’s spread some love throughout the FASD community. 

Reach out and thank someone who has helped. 

A doctor? 

A teacher? 

A friend? 

An MP? 

A social worker? 

A lawyer? 

Your dentist? 

Another family? 

A charity? 

Someone with FASD? 

A journalist? 

Someone at the school gate? 

Or that neighbour who smiles rather than scowls? 

The list goes on! Take a moment and let them know how much their support has meant to you. Sometimes the smallest of kindnesses mean the most. Or perhaps you’re thinking of an institution that has made big change? Be creative. While we all know there is SO much further to go, for today, let’s spread positivity and appreciation. 

We have sample certificates here that you can print, fill in and share in social media or give in person / send by post. It’s up to you. 



You can download the pdf. version of the certificate at the button below. This can be printed and filled in with the person’s name, why you’re presenting them with the certificate, your name, and the date. 
Alternatively, you can right click on and save either of the social media graphics below to give a virtual shout-out to your chosen person / organisation.

What is FASD?

Click here to download background about FASD.

Or go here for more info on our website.

For children and young people – go to

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