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Coping strategies

It’s important that you have strategies to help you cope with things that you find difficult.

It’s different for every person, but some of these might help:

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A calm space you can go to

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Sensory items that help you, like spinner rings, gum or putty

National FASD icon headphones

Wearing headphones in crowded places

Avoiding rush hour or busy times in shops

National FASD icon ordering online

Ordering online

National FASD icon piggy bank

Having help with managing money

National FASD icon phone alert

Setting reminders on your phone for appointments

National FASD icon exercise

Exercising or going for walks

Pets, if you are able to care for one

National FASD icon charity help

Volunteering with a local charity or group

These are some worksheets to help you think through things.


About me


What matters


Perfect week planning guide


Decision-making chart


Communication passport

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