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9/9 International FASD Day

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National Dialogue on International FASD Day Conference

On 9 September National FASD is one of the co-sponsors of an amazing webinar hosted by Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership. It will include some of the country’s leading experts, featuring resources and campaigns, and participation of members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on FASD.

Register now via this Eventbrite link.

September is FASD Awareness Month

The 9th day of the 9th month is International  FASD Day. This is to draw attention to the importance of going alcohol-free for the 9 months of  pregnancy. In the UK we are now celebrating September FASD Awareness Month

Happy FASD Awareness Month

30 Days of Info, Resources & Fun!

We will be posting information and resources every day during September.

This year National FASD is launching a special #PreventFASD campaign. Please watch out for it in social media! It will feature some familiar faces! 

We also will feature self-portraits by young people with FASD on the www.fasd.me website.

We have received some amazing self-portraits that we can’t wait to share. We are sending out 50 copies of The Misunderstoods: Living FASD board game to the young artists!

More details are available here.

#StrongerTogether - The FASD UK Alliance

Along with other FASD UK Alliance groups we will use the hashtag #FASDmonthUK.

We have created these logos with sister organisations in the FASD UK Alliance to be used freely and widely by other groups in the UK. 


Get your awareness month t-shirts!

Head over to our merch page to get your awareness month t-shirts! These are generically branded so all organisations in the FASD UK Alliance can use them. They are priced at cost. Available in various styles and in black or white.  Please note as these come from an external vendor, we can no longer guarantee the t-shirts will arrive in time for 9/9.

A global movement

Follow international FASD events and activities via #RedShoesRock. To find out more about the origins of #RedShoesRock, read “Why Red Shoes?” by Canadian RJ Formanek. 

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