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People with FASD can have wonderful relationships with all kinds of people.

Friendships can be special, especially if your friends understand you have FASD.

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It’s important to stay safe. Talk with family, friends and the professionals who help you about relationships.

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Be careful online – stay safe in social media. Don’t give your personal information to anyone.


A 5 is Against the Law: Social Boundaries Straight Up!

Check out this book if you have questions about the laws.


The relationship map

This relationship map might help you think about  your support network. 

National FASD icon birth control

Use birth control if you are having sex.

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Don’t drink if you are or might be pregnant.

People with FASD can and do have relationships and some get married.

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Some have children of their own. It’s not for everyone and it’s not easy. But it’s important to plan ahead and if possible to use birth control so you  don’t have an  unplanned pregnancy.

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