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Children with FASD playing with sensory spaghetti

Department for Education

The Department for Education has considered FASD as part of meetings on the needs of adoptive children and National FASD participated, for example in a meeting (2018) organised by Adoption UK with then Children’s Minister Nadhim Zahawi.

As more children are diagnosed with FASD following the coming NICE Quality Standard,

the DoE must recognise that with greater numbers of diagnoses and recognition of FASD in future, schools will be presented with a challenge they are at present unequipped to meet.

Actions they can take should include:

  • consult with educational experts, stakeholders and teaching unions on specific provision for children with FASD;
  • issue guidance for schools based on this consultation on the support necessary to assist children with FASD in mainstream schools where possible, and in special schools;
  • require all schools to have a policy on management of children with FASD;
  • require all SENCOs to have at least basic training in supporting children with FASD;
  • require schools to provide training for all teachers who will teach a child with FASD (since this would not have been part of teacher training at all).
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