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Frequently Asked Questions

I drank before I knew I was pregnant. What do I need to know?

You are not alone. We know there are many reasons women might drink in pregnancy. There is no judgement here. Many pregnancies are unplanned. Sometimes women have not had the information they need to understand the risks of alcohol in pregnancy.

It’s better for baby the sooner you can stop – the brain in particular is developing throughout the pregnancy.

Please discuss any concerns with your GP, midwife or health visitor. If you need help quitting or if you are drinking heavily, they can point you toward local resources and support.

Not every alcohol exposed pregnancy results in FASD. No one can predict which child who was exposed to alcohol in pregnancy will have FASD.

If you educate yourself about the signs of FASD, should your child have any symptoms or if you have concerns as your child grows, you can raise those with the GP or health visitor and seek an FASD assessment. Early diagnosis and appropriate support create brighter futures. FASD-informed parenting tips are available on this site. Find a community of others who understand the pressures you might be feeling.

For More information and support

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Alcohol & Pregnancy leaflets

We have produced informative leaflets.

Alcohol in pregnancy

Facts about alcohol in pregnancy

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