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Children with FASD playing with sensory spaghetti


About FASD

Walk Along with Me

A song performed by and created with  input from more than 70 people with FASD. This is pre-released from our new website – coming in October 2020.


Just one round? Is it worth the RISK? This award-winning film can change lives. Available on our website.

No Alcohol No Risk


Available on our website. 


FASD with sentinel facial features

Cognitive profile - Dr Cassie Jackson

Behaviour Management - Dr Cassie Jackson

FASD, ASD, ADHD - Dr Cassie Jackson

Affirmations for FASD Caregivers

Sensory Issues and FASD

Parent and Caregiver Feedback (FASD UK Alliance)

A Message for Social Workers from Joanna Buckard

Lee Harvey-Heath - Personal Reflections, What Teachers, Educators and Others Should Know About FASD

Nyrene Cox - Challenges of Getting an FASD Diagnosis as an Adult

My Brain, Me and FASD

Rachel Jackson - Advice for Other Young Adults with FASD

Brain Base Participant Feedback

National FASD favicon

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