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Frequently Asked Questions

What proof is needed to show an alcohol exposed pregnancy?

Confirmation of prenatal alcohol exposure requires documentation that the biological mother consumed alcohol. According to SIGN 156 (which is the basis of the new NICE Quality Standard):  

  • reliable clinical observation
  • self-report or reports by a reliable source
  • medical records documenting positive blood alcohol concentrations, or
  • alcohol treatment or other social, legal or medical problems related to drinking during the pregnancy.

If a child is no longer with the birth parents, it is possible to request social services to conduct a confidential review of the records to see if any of the above were noted.

If this proof is not possible but the person has the ‘sentinel facial features’ associated with FASD a diagnosis is still possible. This occurs in less than 10% of those on the FASD spectrum. As people age the facial features can fade. Baby features might be able to help.

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