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Policies and financial info


National FASD unequivocally promotes alcohol-free pregnancy and the CMO guidance. We operate on a no-shame, no-blame ethos.

We maintain a strict policy that our funders have no substantive control over our work, preserving our independence and flexibility.

We greatly appreciate all who support our work financially and with in-kind contributions of time and expertise.

Together we are creating brighter futures.  Thank you!

Current funders

Our current funders include a mix of individual donors, private foundations and trusts, government funding, and the alcohol industry’s social responsibility funds. We are continually working to diversify our funding streams to build organisational strength and resilience.


Our financial reports can be viewed on the Charity Commission website here.




Data Protection Policy

Prevention of Bullying & Harassment at Work Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Diversity & Equal Opportunity Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Financial Controls Policy

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