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Adult and child with FASD smiling behind inflatable picture frame

Frequently Asked Questions

My child melts down at home but not at school. Why?

Kids with FASD sometimes use all their energy holding it together in school that by the time they come home, they explode like a can of soda that has been shaken and then the tab is released. If this is happening, the key is work with professionals to explore ways to improve their support to help your child access education. You can also look at how you manage transitions and think about to make them easier.

See for example this video from Oregon Behaviour Consultation. 

Some young people with FASD have other related conditions that make school especially challenging – such as ADHD, auditory or visual processing conditions, physical issues around toileting or other personal needs, sensory issues related to the environment, foods, etc. It’s key to stay in close touch with the doctors to rule out physical issues – remember that there are more than 400 conditions that can co-occur with FASD. If something is consistently a challenge, there is likely a reason for it, it is not because the person with FASD is not trying. It’s not because they are ‘naughty’.

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