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What we do

Mission & Values

The National Organisation for FASD provides support to people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), their families and communities; campaigns to raise public awareness; and promotes relevant policies and practices.

National FASD unequivocally promotes alcohol-free pregnancy and the CMO guidance.

We place a high priority on engaging those with lived experience at the core of our projects and programmes, and we are looking at ways to increase this further as we continue to develop organisationally. We operate on a no-shame, no-blame ethos.


Our current programmes are focused on promoting wellbeing for those with FASD and their families, providing materials for GPs, midwives and teachers and creating cutting-edge resources and experiences for people with FASD.

National FASD is going through a period of growth. We are thrilled that we have recently engaged some new funding streams, and are in the process of launching dynamic new programmes, including: a three-year national creative media prevention campaign aimed at those under the age of 25, development of a new series of state-of-the-art e-learning courses, and we have launched a ground-breaking Department of Health-funded project in partnership with Seashell focused on working with individuals with FASD and their families to develop a new “Me and My FASD” toolkit and setting and modelling best practices for FASD training, which we have put into practice with new 1-day and 3-day training options.

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