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Much of the important work in the House of Commons is done through Select Committees, which examine issues in great depth and prepare reports which are often influential in government policy making.

FASD disproportionately affects looked after children and those who are adopted

Source: Gregory et. al

The key committees for FASD are

In addition, there is an All Party Group on FASD, chaired by Bill Esterson MP. All Party Groups are made up of MPs from many different parties who work together on one particular topic they are interested in. They raise awareness with other MPs and help organisation like NOFAS and other stakeholders to raise FASD issues in Parliament and with government.


MPs can ask questions at departmental question times, and also send written questions to Ministers. They are also able to organise debates on different topics. These are all recorded in Hansard – the written record of Parliament.

UK Policy Makers’ Statements

This section links to official statements about FASD and alcohol in pregnancy provided by Government, along with other mentions in Parliament. This is a start – it is not yet complete and will be updated over time.

Please note: we collected this information from a search for ‘foetal alcohol’ in the They Work For You database, which can be incomplete. It’s not meant to be a definitive record (apologies in advance to any whose contributions might not have been captured in this process). It’s provided as a general overview of the types of discussions held on FASD in Parliament(s) over time. It shows that these issues have long been brought to the attention of Government. And yet, prevention efforts are inadequate and generations of children with FASD have grown into adults with FASD (often undiagnosed) without Government action to meet their needs comprehensively.

These highlights include quotes from the Scottish Parliament, where the leaders’ statements have been concrete and have led to action (though more remains to be done there as well).


You can contact your MP via email, regular post, Facebook, Instagram and/or twitter and let them know FASD matters to you and ask where they stand on FASD.


NICE Quality Standard on FASD

(coming in January 2021)

NICE Quality Standard on FASD

The NICE Quality Standard on FASD will be based on the Scottish SIGN Guidance on Children and Young People Exposed Prenatally to Alcohol

British Medical Association “Alcohol and Pregnancy”:

Report from a roundtable discussion with FASD stakeholders, co-chaired by Professor Sheila the Baroness Hollins and Mr Bill Esterson, MP in the Houses of Parliament on 23 May 2018

Our Forgotten Children

Report from a roundtable discussion with FASD stakeholders, co-chaired by Professor Sheila the Baroness Hollins and Mr Bill Esterson, MP in the Houses of Parliament on 23 May 2018

Hear Our Voices

FASD Stakeholders Share Their Experiences With Policy Makers. Drawing on experiences of more than 50 individuals and families affected by FASD.

Overview of FASD Policy Debate on Alcohol Harm

2 February 2017


This is a critical time to demonstrate political will as the Department of Health, NICE and Scottish SIGN are taking action on FASD. 

The UK has the 4th highest rates of alcohol use in pregnancy

Source: Popova et. al

FASD affects more people than Autism, Downs Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy combined


A recent screening study at Bristol University showed FASD may affect more than 6% in the UK but actual UK numbers are unknown

Source: McQuire et. al

Freedom of information requests showed that CCGs and NHS Trusts do not have policies for how to address FASD.

78% do not provide services for diagnosing FASD in children; 91% don’t provide services for diagnosing adults. Source: NOFAS-UK


You can tag policymakers in social media.

I stand with those with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and the families and professionals supporting them. People with FASD have a right to diagnosis and lifelong support for their neurodevelopmental disability.  #FASD

I support healthy pregnancies through increased public awareness of the risks of alcohol in pregnancy. #FASD

National FASD does not endorse any particular political party. 

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