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13 – In The Kitchen

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FASD Awareness Month

National FASD is releasing daily actions that you can do to help spread FASD Awareness this month.

Today’s actions:
  • Try out a fun kitchen-based activity with someone with FASD 

Today’s Hashtags: 

#FASDMonthUK #FASDKitchen #FASDSensory #KidsInTheKitchen

September is FASD Awareness Month



It’s National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day! 

For everyone kitchens can be exciting places when they are used safely, and this is the same for people with FASD.  

Today is all about doing something together in the kitchen. Have a look at the ideas below in food, smell, taste and touch.  

In anything that you do remember that people with FASD benefit from demonstration rather than being told what to do. Break everything down into small simple steps and always check that they understand what to do next. 

Children and young people with FASD often have what is described as sensory processing difficulties. The reality is that the way that they sense things is different. This can be a huge strength, but it can also be a challenge for parents and carers. So, throughout the day use these suggestions as a guide but adapt them for the people taking part.  


Many people with FASD are told that they are fussy eaters … It’s not that simple. The different way that they sense the taste, smell and texture of their food can overwhelm them. So can the way food looks on a plate, whether an item of food touches a different item, having to sit still to eat or the idea that other people are watching them eat.  

So today we have suggested that you could try to do something to cook something that is a favorite or look for a new recipe. 

We would love to see your results. Please email your photos to  



A fun activity can be to smell the spices in your cupboard and see which one is the favorite. 

Me & My FASD can help with how the FASD brain works  



Have some fun with unusual tastes – pickled onions anyone? 

Me & My FASD can help with how the FASD brain works 



Exploring different sensations can be fun – put on a blindfold and explore the way different foods like cold spaghetti feel, or play with bubbles in the sink (add some food colouring for extra fun!). 

Me & My FASD can help with how the FASD brain works  


What is FASD?


Click here to download background about FASD. You can print this and bring it to the GP.

Or go here for more info on our website.

For children and young people – go to

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