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Try a Me & My FASD Activity


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Take action!!

FASD Awareness Month

Today’s actions:
  • Take 15 minutes to show someone with FASD part of the Me & My FASD website here
  • Try a new activity from the Me & My FASD website with the whole family

Today’s Hashtags: 

#FASDMonthUK #MeandMyFASD #FASDActivity

September is FASD Awareness Month



Over the weekend or when the person with FASD has time off school or work it is always good to try and do something that is fun, something that you can’t do during the week. 

We would like to take you to the Me & My FASD website and get  your family or friends to try something new.  

There are lots of suggestions that have been given to us by people with FASD that they find helpful and fun. People with FASD are at the heart of developing this website. We know that many people with FASD across the world have visited the website and they are using it to help people with FASD. We created for children & young people with FASD in the UK so please have a look. 


When you have time have a look at the website and pick a part that you haven’t visited much before. Pick an activity or something that will interest someone you know who has FASD and give it a go.  

You can see an introduction to the website here made by Dom a young person with FASD. 

There is: – 

  • A music section where you can listen to songs written and performed by people with FASD.  
  • A games & activities section with many interesting activities to help people with FASD 
  • An interactive comic where you can learn more about FASD 
  • A coping resources section featuring many things that people with FASD have told us helps them   
  • A club section where we have copies of the magazines and resources that we have made for the Me & My FASD Club 
  • Our YouTube channel also has videos on it featuring people with FASD having fun   
  • The we are awesome  section has things from young people with FASD telling you what they have done. We think that all people with FASD can be awesome and would love to see what makes people that you know with FASD awesome. 


Please have a look around and try a new activity. Of course, it doesn’t have to come from the Me & My FASD site. If there is something that you think will work better, then give it a go. 


We have added a new video to the we are awesome page from Josh, a young Peterborough Street Artist with FASD.

Can you spot him?

This is just one example of an activity that someone with FASD loves and is talented at. 


Whatever you decide to try we’d love to know how it went. Please email us on to share the fun. 


What is FASD?

Click here to download background about FASD.

Or go here for more info on our website.

For children and young people – go to

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