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Celebrate What You’ve Done to Raise FASD Awareness!


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FASD Awareness Month

Today’s actions:
  • Share what you’ve done to raise FASD awareness
  • Or pick your favourite FASD awareness-raising activity you’ve seen and share it with others 

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September is FASD Awareness Month



September is a major highlight for the FASD community in the UK, with International FASD Awareness Day on the 9th, and the whole month of September dedicated to FASD Awareness Month.  

We’re always busy throughout the month, with daily activities and resources shared via our blog and social media.  

Here’s just a few of our favourites from 2022:  

  • The FASD Song  – created by TB, a talented member of our Adults and Young Adults with FASD Advisory Committee, with the help of other talented people with FASD, the song was written to help raise FASD awareness  
  • Brand new resources for midwives – we unveiled the first part of our new FASD prevention resources for midwives on International FASD Awareness Day. Midwives up and down the UK held special awareness day tables in their workplaces to show off our new resources!  
  • Sex & Bumps, No Alcohol! – this song was created by an award-winning comedian, with the help of a team of amazing volunteers as a tool to help raise awareness of the importance of going alcohol-free during pregnancy, all in a fun way!  
  • TA Day – in order to celebrate Thank Your TA Day, we announced free access to our FASD e-school (a £95 value) for TAs using a special discount code available in our blog  – this is valid  through 15 October so  you can still share this with school! 
  • Free FASD training for parents and carers – we also announced free access to our 3 October FASD training course for parents and carers of people with FASD. Email to secure your place. 

You can find so much more over at our blog page here. 


Share what you've done or what you've seen


Take to social media and share what you’ve done to help raise FASD awareness this FASD Awareness Month!  

Alternatively, share your favourite FASD awareness-raising activity that you’ve seen this month!  

Make sure to tag us @NationalFASD

Thank you all for all you do to raise FASD awareness. Together, we are creating brighter tomorrows. 

Remember, we are here to help. You are not alone. 


What is FASD?

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