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6 – National Read a Book Day – read about FASD


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Take action!!

FASD Awareness Month

National FASD is releasing daily actions that you can do to help spread FASD Awareness this month.

Today’s actions:
  • Read something together with someone with FASD for National Read A Book Day

  • Or share your favourite FASD book and tell us why

  • Or thank an author of a book about FASD

Today’s Hashtags: #NationalReadABookDay #FASDComic #FASDRead #FASDMonthUK #MeAndMyFASD


Today is National Read a Book Day!

Reading is important. Most people read every day without even thinking about it. You are doing it now!

It is a skill that most people learn when they are very young and one that stays with us all our lives.

Most importantly we want you to enjoy this action point. Different people have different reading skills. Some can read loads, others not so much. Some like things read to them. It doesn’t matter.

First, find yourself a nice quiet space. You might even make your own comfy corner with cushions and blankets; it could be in a garden or park, or it might be just your favorite chair.

Pick a time when your world is calm. Its no-good trying to read when there are other things going on in your brain that make reading harder.

Choose something to read that you will find interesting, but don’t pick too much to read. It could be a book, but it can be anything – a leaflet, something online. Whatever works.

You can read anything, but it could be about FASD.

We believe that when people with FASD find out information about FASD and how it affects them then they often feel better about everything.

Remember knowledge empowers someone with FASD

September is FASD Awareness Month

FASD books

There are lots of different types of books about FASD.  Some have been written by people with FASD or their families and friends. Some are for professionals and doctors to help them learn about FASD. Today we celebrate all who write these books to help others learn.

Our favourites:

There are lots of ways to get input from books. If reading isn’t your favourite, check out videos from Raja and Neil’s FASD Book Club videos and the easy access summaries for the first sessions here.

Whatever you do for our reading call to action, we hope you enjoy it!


Let’s light up twitter and social media with suggestions for FASD reading! 

National FASD social media tags: 

Facebook: @National FASD

Instagram: @nationalfasd

Twitter: @NationalFASD

Be sure to use the hashtags #NationalReadABookDay #FASDComic #FASDRead #FASDMonthUK  #MeAndMyFASD


Click here to download background about FASD.

Or go here for more info on our website.

For children and young people – go to

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