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Thank you Susan Fleisher

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National FASD honours and celebrates the legacy of our founder, Susan Fleisher, as her family and friends gather for her 30 October 2023 funeral.

"We could never have predicted what a lasting achievement and legacy [Susan Fleisher's] untiring efforts would produce. National FASD is a fitting memorial to her life."

Image of a woman with short brown hair and wire frame eyeglasses smiling at a microphone. She's wearing a peach coloured suit jacked and a white blouse. She has a name tag that says Susan Fleisher

As we went through the files to prepare this blog post, we were reminded again of the depth and the breadth of Susan’s impact.

Rather than trying to recreate ourselves some of that history, we decided to let Susan show you herself. We found a powerpoint presentation that she created in 2011 about how she got involved. In the presentation she highlighted some of the key milestones for the organisation (then-NOFAS-UK).

Now in our 20th year, everything we do is possible only because of the vision Susan had and the foundations she and those she worked with laid for the entire UK FASD community. Today the future is brighter for so many because of Susan’s energy, compassion, and persistence.

Susan Fleisher helped many, many with FASD and their families and changed the FASD landscape here in the UK forever. My own family is personally indebted to her guidance and the gift she gave to us of helping us to better understand our son."

"Putting FASD on the radar in the UK" by Susan Fleisher (2011)

While some of the terminology has changed from those earlier days, Susan’s work continues. We know she would be proud that in recent years all the major public health bodies have now come on board with the message that alcohol-free pregnancies are safest and that people with FASD deserve recognition, diagnosis and support. We still have a long way to go, and we need your support to continue Susan’s powerful work.

“Some say living with FASD is like having to find one’s way around Liverpool with a map of Glasgow. I know many families whose children got the diagnosis too late [...] When parents, schools, doctors and social services know what they are dealing with we can begin to improve lives for children like my daughter and everyone affected. My daughter’s disability could have been prevented. Her life is my greatest lesson.”

“We don't want to alarm you, but if you want to be 100% certain that you'll have a healthy baby that will never have alcohol-related brain damage, just avoid alcohol for nine months with the support of your family and friends."

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