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Young People With FASD Celebrate FASD Awareness Month

Young people with FASD playing The Misunderstoods

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Young People With FASD Get Creative for FASD Awareness Month


Hopefully you’re aware by now, but this month is FASD Awareness Month! This year, the whole month of September is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of people with FASD, as well as raising awareness and encouraging prevention.

That’s why we’re so excited to be releasing our brand-new board game, The Misunderstoods: an interactive game for people with FASD that helps them to better understand themselves and encourages those around them to approach FASD differently. 

The game was designed with input from young people with FASD and you can learn more about it and grab your copy now at the link below!


In order to celebrate the release of The Misunderstoods, we asked young people with FASD across the UK to submit colourful self-portraits as well as a few quotes about why they’re awesome and what they wish other people knew about living with FASD.

The responses we received were amazing, and serve as the perfect exhibition of the talents of people with FASD, as well as a touching insight into how they view themselves.


FIfty free copies of The Misunderstoods are landing on the doorsteps of people who sent us self-portraits. Every portrait now also has a home on our website, and we’ll be sharing them on social media throughout the month, casting a spotlight on each individual piece.

You can view all the amazing portraits and quotes we received at the link below.


Thank you to all those who submitted a portrait, you are awesome! There is now a dedicated section of our website on FASD Awareness Month for people with FASD; check it out below and show your loved ones with FASD!


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