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15 – Thank Your TA

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FASD Awareness Month


National FASD is releasing daily actions that you can do to help spread FASD Awareness this month.

Today’s actions:
  • Click here to print out the thank you certificate, add your TA’s name, and give it to them on National TA’s Day, September 16th  – this entitles them to free FASD e-learning!

Today’s Hashtags: 

#FASDMonthUK #FASDThanksTA #FASDLearning #NationalTADay

September is FASD Awareness Month



National Teaching Assistants Day is tomorrow, September 16th.  To celebrate National Teaching Assistants Day, we are offering your special TA a place on our Introduction to FASD e-learning course for free.   


To redeem this offer (valid through 16 October 2022), TAs can go to: 

Coupon Code: TAsSupportFASD


You can download this Certificate of Appreciation, print it out, fill it in with the name of your TA, and your name, and then hand it to them on National Teaching Assistant’s Day. 

It features the e-learning coupon code on the reverse.


We are doing this because TAs are really important helpers in the lives of people with FASD.  

They are the people that explain what pupils need to do and help them to do it. They often go the extra mile to help their students.  

The more they understand about FASD, the more help they can give in lessons to make it easier.  

We know that everyone can find schools and colleges confusing places and learning is sometimes difficult. This is especially so for someone with FASD.  

But it’s important. 

Remember, people with FASD have been learning since the day that they were born. They have learned lots of things and make progress each and every day. 

Of course, it’s not all about schools, possibly the things we learn outside of schools are more important.   

We know that if people helping in school understand how FASD affects their students then things should be easier. 

If they understand what to do to help even better. 

If they know how their pupils learn best, then things will be easier too. 

We can help. 

Sections of the interactive comic on the Me & My FASD website are about schools.  

You can work through to the school section with the young person you love with FASD and help them choose what helps them to stay calm. They can select things that help from imaginary shelves and put them in an imaginary school bag. Then you can print off a list to give to the teacher or Teaching Assistant so that they know how to help. 

There are lots more to help everyone in schools and colleges learn about FASD on the National Organisation for FASD website. To help them find it easily we have made a postcard that you can print and give to people in school. Find the postcard here.


What is FASD?


Click here to download background about FASD. You can print this and bring it to the GP.

Or go here for more info on our website.

For children and young people – go to

National FASD social media tags: 

Facebook: @National FASD

Instagram: @nationalfasd

Twitter: @NationalFASD


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