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Ask & Share What Helps People With FASD


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FASD Awareness Month

Today’s actions:
  • Ask and share information about what helps people with FASD to do their best

Today’s Hashtags: 

#FASDMonthUK #FASDTraining #FASDSupportMe

September is FASD Awareness Month



We know that people with FASD do best when the people who they work with understand them and how they are affected. 

We are investigating what support should look like for each person.  

So, this action is deciding on at least one thing that makes things easier for someone with FASD and sharing that with someone who should support them. This can be a teacher, TA, a relative, someone who runs a club, a sports coach, an employer or even someone who works in health.  

We have created a passport where you can put things down in writing if it helps. you can download it here.  Or you can explore what helps through the interactive comic here. 

We also have information postcards that can be shared with others to help them understand FASD.


Why it's important to share what helps


Around the country there are many people with FASD who are doing well. They have told us what helps them. You can find some of the things that they use on the Me & My FASD website. 

Fifty people with FASD helped us to create the calming cards with ideas about things that can help when life gets particularly difficult for them. There are some great ideas, have a look! 

We know FASD can be complicated. There are over 400 different conditions that have been reported being linked to it. No one will have all of them so that means that different people react in different ways. Everyone with FASD is slightly different.  

Because everyone is different with different strengths and different things that they find harder it means that the things that help them are different too.  

We think that it helps to tell people that someone with FASD sees a lot what works best.  

We would love to hear what helps you so please let us know by emailing  


What is FASD?

Click here to download background about FASD.

Or go here for more info on our website.

For children and young people – go to

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