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Break it Down Board and cards

The FASD Break it Down board is a visual tool to help people with FASD work through good and not-so-good situations, to help them identify different strategies and strengths that can help them. The idea came from a mum whose child found it hard to explain what happened at school leading to disregulation at home. The name came from an adult with FASD who encourages others to “Break it Down” when things are overwhelming or hard to understand.

The Break it Down Board was reviewed by experts and developed in cooperation with as part of National FASD’s partnership with Seashell, funded by the DHSC. It is part of the “Me and My FASD Toolkit.”

More information on the FASD Break it Down board and cards can be found on the Me & My FASD website.

We are sorry but for now these can only be sent to addresses in the UK.


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Break it Down Board and cards

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