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3 Day Training

3 Day Supporting a Young Person to Understand Their FASD Diagnosis

In-person and online

This course is for practitioners working with young people with FASD. It introduces the Me and My FASD Toolkit – a range of practical, hands-on materials specially designed for those with FASD. The new website is central to this.

The course is quality endorsed by OCN (Open College Network). Practitioners who attend the 3-day training will receive our widely acclaimed toolkit (valued at £60) including: The Break it Down Board, Calming Cards, The Misunderstoods: Living FASD board game and other fidget items and materials. They also will have access to supplemental versions of the Me and My FASD Toolkit for direct use with children and young people with FASD. These materials have been called “a game changer.”

Topics covered include: FASD causes, prevalence, terminology, signs and symptoms, how diagnosis is made. Importantly this course goes where other courses do not, it provides hands-on tools and suggestions for how to use the newly created resources to work with young people with FASD to help them understand their diagnosis and how to learn FASD-informed coping strategies. Seashell and National FASD’s vision is that every CCG and Local Authority have someone attend this course so there can be FASD Allies throughout the country.

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Terms & Conditions

If you cancel with a full months notice, you will not be required to pay for the training.  If you cancel with two weeks notice, you will be required to pay a 50% charge and if you cancel within 10 days you will be required to pay the full price of the training.

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